Commercial containers

We Offer Top Quality and low cost office solutions for all type of business and also different sizes for your best convenience! Casas baja is playing a vital role in global commerce without damaging the environment.

Our containers

Ekotainers offer different models of commercial containers based on the needs of our clients.


​1×20 foot Modified Container Office no Bathroom – 2 separate offices​



1×20 foot Modified Container Office with Bathroom – 4 desks



1×40 foot Modified Container Office – 7 Desks



1x40ft HQ Modified Container Office With toilet -6 Desks



​1×40 foot Modified Container Dorm 4 bunks with Kitchen, micro, Stove/Oven, full bath, shower




1×40 foot Modified Container Dorm 5 bunks / 10 beds with full bath, shower



1×20 foot modified Container 4 Bathroom/4 Shower Support Building for Dorms


Main features

Casas baja offers a high quality, functional housing alternative that has a minimal impact on the environment.

Flexible Placing and locations

Order to occupancy-2 months

Functional Design, Well used spaces.

Eco friendly containers.